Leaning Chimney Repairs

A leaning chimney can create a serious safety hazard and often indicates foundation failure. A sagging, buckling or leaning chimney may look charming and add to the character of your home but cracks allow bugs and rain access, bricks can crumble and fall and smoke fumes can leak into the home creating health risks.

A shift in your chimney is often an indication of too high of a load on your foundation, cracked concrete, or foundation failure from a change in soil distribution. The separation between the chimney and the exterior face of the house, separation of the roof flashing, cracks adjacent to the foundation, and cracks in the fireplace are all signs of chimney settlement and can affect the structural integrity of your chimney.

To ensure optimal safety and to maintain the value of your home contact PGI at the first sign of chimney damage, before the problem becomes a safety hazard. PGI can usually make repairs with little disturbance to the property by installing helical piers underneath the foundation to underpin the structure. The system is installed underneath the foundation and concrete footing providing permanent support and often times able to raise the chimney back to its original position if no further stress or strain is seen.

Picture of a fireplace