Pressure Grouting | Soil Stabilization

A building is only as strong as the soil beneath the foundation. Soil can weaken and shift over time and can cause serious damage to the foundation. The stabilization of soil at the base of a structure will maximize the life of both new construction and existing buildings.

The process used in soil stabilization requires the removal or addition of specific soil properties. This ensures a more stable environment for your building’s foundation. The PGI team will determine which soil stabilization is best for you and take into consideration cost-effectiveness, environmental impact, and structural longevity.

The use of PGI’s services in the soil stabilization process will increase your foundation’s bearing capacity. The degree of moisture in the soil can adversely affect the stability and bearing capacity of your property’s foundation. Binding agents are used to optimize soil through stabilization that prepares the soil for compacting and leveling before new construction commences.

Picture of pressure grouting
Picture of soil stabilization